Are you interested learning Python, Dart, MongoDB or some other open source technology? On this site you'll find slides used for teaching these, and many other Open Source, technologies. Some of the pages are simple slides, others already have longer explanations.

My name is Gabor Szabo, I have been teaching Programming in Perl for a long time. Recently I started to widen the courses I offer and decided to share the training materials on this web site. Every day I am going to publish a few pages and quite often I am going to update pages. You can already see there are some slides covering Ruby, Python, Dart, and MongoDB. At one point I am going to upload the Perl slides as well, but you can already read a lot of detailed articles on the Perl Maven site.

If you'd like to follow the development of this site, you can get notification about new pages via Atom feed or by subscribing to the newsletter. You can also follow me on Google+, and if you'd like to show your support you can also try to Gittip me.