1. Slice of an array
  2. Slice
  3. Change value in slice
  4. Slice Assign
  5. Slice of a slice
  6. Append to a slice
  7. Slice append
  8. Remove last element of slice (pop)
  9. Remove first element of slice (shift, pop(0))
  10. Pre-allocate capacity for slice with make
  11. For loop in slice - iterate over slice
  12. for loop on values of slice (no index)
  13. Merge two slices
  14. Find element in array or slice
  15. Remove element of slice
  16. Weird merge slices
  17. Sort slice
  18. Are values sorted?
  19. Sort strings by length
  20. Sort strings by length and then abc order
  21. Search in slice
  22. Variadic function (arbitrary number of parameters)
  23. Defer and slice
  24. Exercise: count words
  25. Exercise: Create a list of words from sentences
  26. Exercise: Create a unique list of values
  27. Exercise: Reverse Polish Calculator
  28. Exercise: DNA Sequencing
  29. Solution: count words
  30. Solution: Create a list of words from sentences
  31. Solution: Create a unique list of values
  32. Solution: Reverse Polish Calculator
  33. Solution: DNA Sequencing
  34. Solution: DNA Sequencing with in place filter