Web application development with Dancer

  1. Install Dancer2
  2. Hello World with Dancer
  3. Testing Hello World of Dancer
  4. Showing the current time with Dancer
  5. Testing the current time with Dancer
  6. 404 Not Found in Dancer
  7. 500 Internal Server Error in Dancer
  8. Process GET (query request) parameters in Dancer
  9. Testing GET request with query parameters in Dancer
  10. Process POST requests in Dancer
  11. Test POST requests in Dancer
  12. Dancer: Receive parameter in route
  13. Dancer: Test parameter in route
  14. Dancer: Type-checking for the route parameters
  15. Dancer: Send 404 Not Found manually
  16. Showing the current time using templates
  17. Showing an array
  18. Showing Hash of Hashes