XML sample data

We are going to use the following XML file and will try to answer te various questions that are listed in the comment at the top of the file.

    - List all the currencies
    - What is the currency in the USA
    - What is the currency in the country with id 2 ?
    - Replace the currency in Hungary to Euro
    - Add another country called Beregengocia with currency 
  <country id="1">
      <language id="1">English</language>
      <language id="2">Spanish</language>
  <country id="2">
      <language id="1">Hebrew</language>
      <language id="2">English</language>
      <language id="3">Arabic</language>
      <language id="4">Russian</language>
  <country id="3">
      <language id="1">Hungarian</language>