Advancted OOP

  1. Class Attributes
  2. Attributes with method access
  3. Instance Attribute
  4. Methods are class attributes
  5. Classes: constructor, instance method
  6. Class methods - alternative constructor
  7. Class attributes
  8. Abstract Base Class
  9. Abstract Base Class without abc
  10. Abstract Base Class with abc
  11. Abstract Base Class with metaclass
  12. Create class with metaclass
  13. Use Python @propery to fix bad API (the bad API)
  14. Use Python @propery to fix bad API (first attempt)
  15. Use Python @propery to fix bad API
  16. Use Python @propery decorator to fix bad API
  17. Use Python @propery for value validation
  18. Python Descriptors
  19. class and static methods
  20. Destructor: __del__
  21. Destructor skipped
  22. Context managers: with
  23. Context manager: with for file
  24. Opearator overloading
  25. Exercise: rectangular
  26. Exercise: SNMP numbers
  27. Solution: Rectangular
  28. Exercise: imaginary numbers