Incorrect use of conditions

In your normal speech you could probably say something like "If status_code is 401 or 302, do something.". Meaning status_cone can be either 401 or 302.

If you tried to translate this into code directly you would write something like this:

if status_code == 401 or 302:

However, this is incorrect. This condition will always be true as this is actually same as if you wrote: if (status_code == 401) or (302) so it will compare status_code to 401, and it will separately check if 302 is True, but any number different from 0 is considered to be True so the above expression will always be True.

What you probably meant is this:

if status_code == 401 or status_code == 302:

Alternative way:

An alternative way to achieve the same results would be though probably at this point we have not learned the "in" operator, nor lists (comma separated values in square brackets):

if status_code in [401, 302]: