Python MongoDB insert

In order to interract with a MongoDB Database we first need to import the MongoClient from the pymongo module.

Then connect to the MongoDB server using the MongoClient() call. Using the resulting client object we can access the database. MonogoDB does not require us to create a database schema and just by accessing a database and inserting data in it we create the database. So we can use any database name here. In the example the name of the database is going to be demo.

Once we have an object representing the database we can access a "collection" in the database. This too is created automatically if it did not exist earlier. In our example we use the name "people" for our collection.

We then calle the insert_one method passing it a dictionary that we prepared earlier.

This will insert the dictionary as a JSON data structure in the selected collection.

from pymongo import MongoClient
import datetime

client = MongoClient('mongodb://mongodb:27017')
db = client.demo

foo = {
    'name'      : 'Foo',
    'email'     : '',
    'birthdate' : datetime.datetime.strptime('2002-01-02', '%Y-%m-%d'),
    'student'   : True,

bar = {
    'name'      : 'Bar',
    'email'     : '',
    'birthdate' : datetime.datetime.strptime('1998-08-03', '%Y-%m-%d'),
    'student'   : True,
    'teacher'   : False,

zorg = {
    'name'      : 'Zorg',
    'email'     : '',
    'birthdate' : datetime.datetime.strptime('1995-12-12', '%Y-%m-%d'),
    'teacher'   : True,