1. Loops: for-in and while
  2. for-in loop on strings
  3. for-in loop on list
  4. for-in loop on range
  5. Iterable, iterator
  6. for in loop with early end using break
  7. for in loop skipping parts using continue
  8. for in loop with break and continue
  9. while loop
  10. Infinite while loop
  11. While with complex expression
  12. While with break
  13. While True
  14. Duplicate input call
  15. Eliminate duplicate input call
  16. do while loop
  17. while with many continue calls
  18. Break out from multi-level loops
  19. For-else
  20. Exit vs return vs break and continue
  21. Exercise: Print all the locations in a string
  22. Exercise: Number guessing game
  23. Exercise: Count unique characters
  24. Exercise: Convert for-loop to while-loop
  25. Solution: Print all the locations in a string
  26. Solution 1 for Number Guessing
  27. Solution 2 for Number Guessing (x)
  28. Solution 3 for Number Guessing (s)
  29. Solution for Number Guessing (debug)
  30. Solution for Number Guessing (move)
  31. Solution for Number Guessing (multi-game)
  32. Solution: Count unique characters
  33. Solution: Convert for-loop to while-loop