" Turn on syntax highlighting.
syntax on

" Don't show line numbers.
set nonumber

" Enable embedded vim instructions in source files
set modeline
" set how many lines are checked in a source file for instructions:
" by default this is 0 on OSX
set modelines=1000

" Some use-cases for instructions in source files:
" # vim:tabstop=4
" In JavaScript
" // vim:tabstop=4

" Let's default to 4 spaces per tab for our files.
set tabstop=4

" Every click on TAB will turn into 4 spaces.
" expandtab

" Every click on TAB will insert a real TAB.
set noexpandtab

" Row and column number in the bottom right corner.
set ruler

" Ignore case in searches.
set ignorecase

" Highlight search results (yellow marker)
" Typing :noh will remove the yellow marks.
set hlsearch