Let the user guess several times (with responses each time) till he finds the hidden number. Base your code on the solution from the previous exercise. ( examples/scalars/number_guessing.pl )

Allow the user to type
n   - skip this game and start a new one (generate new number to guess)
s   - show the hidden value (cheat)
d   - debug mode 
      (It is a toggle. 
       Pressing once the system starts to show the current
       number to guess every time before asking the user for new input
       pressing again, turns off the behavior.
m   - move mode
      (It is a toggle.
       Pressing once the object will start to move a little bit after
       every step. Pressing again will turn this feature off.)
x   - exit

Now I can tell you that what you have is actually a 1 dimensional space fight and you are trying to guess the distance of the enemy space ship. As it is not a sitting duck, after every shot the spaceship can randomly move +2-2.

Extra exercise: