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The Code-Maven site is maintained by Gabor Szabo. You can contact him.

Paid services

Gabor helps teams at various points in their journey to faster development process with more stable releases. Starting from improved use of your Version Control System, via the introduction of Automated Tests. (Unit, Integration, Acceptance, etc.) Through virtualization and containerization, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment towards a cloud-based infrastructure.

At whatever point you are in this process Gabor can help you get started or move on.

Main Topics on this site

This site is primarily because Gabor likes to explain things. Hopefully some of the articles will help you too.


The Russian translations were made by Savenkova Natalya. The other pages are created by Gabor and they are not real translations. More like "similar content in some other language".


The source of all the articles and examples can be found in this repository.

Patches are welcome!