The Code Maven site is for people who are interested in programming. It grew out from the Perl Maven site that deals exclusively with programming in Perl.

The Code Maven site, on the other hand, will cover all kinds of subjects.

For now, the guiding line is everything that interests the authors (mostly Gabor Szabo), but guest-posts are also welcome.

Planned Topics

Currently the planned subjects are Node.js, Angular.js, Backbone.js and JavaScript in general.



Perl probably is not going to be covered here as it is being covered on the Perl Maven and on the Perl 6 Maven sites.


HTML/CSS or if you prefer HTML5/CSS3.

...just to name a few....


The source of all the articles and examples can be found in this repository.

The source code of the website can be found in this repository.

Patches are welcome!


Volunteers have translated some of the Code Maven pages. All the translations can be found in the same GitHub repository.