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The main topics in abc order

  • Ansible - the configuration management system.
  • Bash - the shell language of Unix/Linux.
  • C# .NET - the language of Microsoft.
  • Docker - the de-facto standard in containers.
  • Flask, the Python microframework.
  • Git, the most popular Open Source version control system.
  • Go - Golang, the programming language created at Google.
  • Groovy, the programming language used for Jenkins pipelines.
  • Handlebars the HTML templating system written in JavaScript.
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Jenkins, the automation server used for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.
  • Linux
  • NodeJS
  • Perl on the Perl Maven site.
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • SVG, Scalable Vector Graphics examples in JavaScript and Python.

Most of the article are written by Gabor Szabo who provides Automation and DevOps related services. (Setting up CI systems, intorducing test automation, moving the company to "the cloud", etc.)

Recent Articles

Type checking of Python code using mypy

Python cares a lot less about types than languages such as C, Java, or Go.

Unlike in those strongly typed languages, in Python a variable can be assigned a number and then replaced by a string. You can pass any type of value to a function parameter and Python will only complain if later, in the body of the function, that type turns out to be incompatible with an operation.

Recent versions of Python have started to allow you to declare the types of variables and function parameters, but Python itself does not (yet) do anything with these types.

However, the mypy project offers you a tool that will statically check your code and verify that the types are correct.

Type checking of Python code using mypy

Git on Windows

A video series where you can learn how to use Git on MS Windows.

Git on Windows