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The main topics in abc order

  • Ansible - the configuration management system.
  • Bash - the shell language of Unix/Linux.
  • C# .NET - the language of Microsoft.
  • Docker - the de-facto standard in containers.
  • Flask, the Python microframework.
  • Git, the most popular Open Source version control system.
  • Go - Golang, the programming language created at Google.
  • Groovy, the programming language used for Jenkins pipelines.
  • Handlebars the HTML templating system written in JavaScript.
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Jenkins, the automation server used for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.
  • Linux
  • NodeJS
  • Perl on the Perl Maven site.
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • SVG, Scalable Vector Graphics examples in JavaScript and Python.

Most of the article are written by Gabor Szabo who provides Automation and DevOps related services. (Setting up CI systems, intorducing test automation, moving the company to "the cloud", etc.)

Python: avoid importing everything using a star: *

When I teach Python I keep telling my students to avoid importing using *, but it isn't always easy as there are many examples on the Internet, some even in official documentation, using code like:

from tkinter import *

Instead of that it would be better to write:

import tkinter as tk

But why?

Python: avoid importing everything using a star: *

DevOps Engineer

Originally DevOps was mode of operation in which Developers and Operations worked together.

It was created because in many companies there were silos: Developers, (Maual) QA engineers, Operations and the communication among these silos was less than ideal. (also know as "really bad").

The DevOps movement eliminated the silos, made the whole process much smoother.

DevOps Engineer

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