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Static web server in Python

When I've started to work on the Code And Talk site I did not know what I was building. I actually started out by collecting data about podcasts. I did not use a database but I wanted to have some kind of a display.

So instead of creating a dynamic site I opted for a static site that can be generated by a script and a few templates.

Such site can be served using Apache or Nginx, but on my development machine I don't have either of those. So I wrote a small web server serving the static files.

Static web server in Python

How to contribute to an Open Source project?

In the article on how to prepare for a Perl job interview, I mentioned, one of the best ways to improve your hireability is to constantly learn new things, and constantly improve yourself. The same is true for any language and technology.

Probably the best way to do that is by building something. If it is an open source project it has the added benefit that you can show the results to the prospective employer.

You don't even have to build something from scratch, you can also contribute to an existing project.

But how? And do you need to be an expert or can a beginner join a project?

How to contribute to an Open Source project?

X-forwarding to run GUI program in Vagrant box

How can run a desktop GUI application inside my headless VirtualBox that was launched via Vagrant ?

I already had an explanation on how to set up Vagrant with VirtualBox. I assume you already have all that set up.

X-forwarding to run GUI program in Vagrant box