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AngularJS Tutorial

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AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that enhances HTML.

Here you'll find a few simple examples using AngularJS, slowly building up to become a Tutorial.

For other introductions you might want to look at the AngularJS Book by Chris Smith or the ng-book by Ari Lerner. Once you get over the first steps, reading the AngularJS API and documentation becomes quite useful.

  1. Getting Started with AngularJS (expressions)
  2. AngularJS: First binding
  3. Hello World with AngularJS module and controller
  4. Add numbers with AngularJS
  5. Simple in-memory counter with AngularJS
  6. Automatic counter using AngularJS
  7. A calculator in AngularJS
  8. TODO in AngularJS Submit input box on pressing ENTER. ng-repeate and handling duplicate values in ng-repeate.
  9. Dependency Injection in AngularJS - with and without introspection
  10. Almost infinite recursive template in AngularJS for representing tree structures
  11. Single Page Application with Perl Dancer and AngularJS


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