As an employee you usually work at the same company for 2-4 years or even more.

That does not give you a lot of chances to learn how others, in other companies work.

As a trainer, consultant and coach I have several clients every year. That already gives me a lot more opportunities to learn, but it is still only a handfull of companies a year.

In this series of blog posts I am going to interview Engineering leaders at various hi-tech companies. This will provide some insight into how these R&D teams work. With a focus on both the process and the human side of it.

Most recent interviews

Every interview starts with a set of standard questions and then we go into some of the more interesting parts and try to see more details.

If there are questions you think would be really interesting to ask, don't hesitate to let me know. Even if an interview was already finished. I might still be able to ask the question and update the interview with the additional QA.

For the inspiration visit the What it is like to a developer at ... article that covers Digital Ocean, Fastly, GitLab, Lyft, Rainforest, Sauce Labs and Slack.

I am interested in the life of all the people in the Enginnering department: Developers, QA engineers, DevOps engineers, IT, etc. Anyone who is related to the creation of value to the customers.

I am also very interested in the practices and processes employed. After all that's what I help companies with.

I think these issues can be interesting to all the engineers around the world and hope that you too will learn from them.