Testing with PyTest

  1. Pytest features
  2. Test methods
  3. Pytest setup
  4. Pytest - AUT - Application Under Test
  5. How to use the module?
  6. Pytest - simple passing test
  7. Pytest failing test in one function
  8. Pytest failing test separated
  9. Pytest run all the test files
  10. Exercise: test simple module
  11. Pytest expected exception
  12. Pytest a nice Fibonacci example
  13. Pytest testing Fibonacci
  14. Pytest expected exception
  15. Pytest testing expected exception
  16. Pytest Change the text of the exception
  17. Pytest Missing exception
  18. Pytest Other exception is raised
  19. Pytest No exception is raised
  20. Exercise: test more exceptions
  21. Solution: test more exceptions
  22. PyTest: Multiple Failures
  23. PyTest: Multiple Failures output
  24. PyTest Selective running of test functions
  25. PyTest: stop on first failure
  26. Pytest: expect a test to fail (xfail or TODO tests)
  27. Pytest: expect a test to fail (xfail or TODO tests)
  28. PyTest: show xfailed tests with -rx
  29. Pytest: skipping tests
  30. Pytest: show skipped tests with -rs
  31. Pytest: show extra test summmary info with -r
  32. Pytest: skipping tests output in verbose mode
  33. Pytest verbose mode
  34. Pytest quiet mode
  35. PyTest print STDOUT and STDERR using -s
  36. Exercise: test math functions
  37. Exercise: test this app
  38. Exercise: test the csv module
  39. Solution: Pytest test math functions
  40. Solution: Pytest test this app
  41. Solution: test the csv module
  42. PyTest using classes
  43. Exercise: module
  44. Exercise: Open Source
  45. parametrize PyTest with pytest.mark.parametrize
  46. parametrize PyTest with multiple parameters
  47. Pytest and forking
  48. Exercise: Write tests for script combining files
  49. Solution: Write tests for script combining files
  50. Pytest: Flask echo
  51. Pytest: testing Flask echo
  52. Pytest resources
  53. Anagram on the command line
  54. PyTest testing CLI