Code Maven

Getting started with Google Cloud

This, along with the other courses can be given either on-site in the offices of the client or on-line via Zoom or other means. Contact Gabor Szabo for more details.


  • Be able to create a Google Cloud account
  • Create and destroy a computation instance
  • Set up a Virtual Private Server
  • Set up a web application


  • Software Developers.
  • QA Engineers
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Technical leads who want to learn about the Google Cloud.


  • A laptop that can connect to the internet with a text editor you are familiar with.
  • Basic knowladge of Linux
  • No prior experience with the cloud is required.

Course format

  • 8 academic hours. (Two half-days)


Getting started with GCP

  • Overview - GCP services
  • Google Compute Engine - VPS
  • Google Storage
  • Googel Cloud SQL
  • Google Functions
  • Creating your GCP account
  • Using GCP Free of charge

Google Compute Engine

  • Available machine types and how to configure them.
  • Creating and configuring virtual machines
  • Connecting to the virtual machine
  • Private IP / Public IP
  • Ephemeral IP vs fixed IP

Data Storage in GCP

  • What are buckets
  • Using gs to save files
  • Store, retrive files

Managed SQL databases in Google cloud

  • Creating a manage database in the cloud
  • Accessing the database


If you are interested in this course, contact Gabor Szabo for more details.