Code Maven

Programming Perl

This, along with the other courses can be given either on-site in the offices of the client or on-line via Zoom or other means. Contact Gabor Szabo for more details.


  • To be able to use Perl as a tool in some daily tasks
  • To use Perl to automate small tasks need by programmers


  • Java, C, C++, C# programmers who want to have a tool for daily tasks


  • At least one year experience in one of the high-level language such as Java, C, C++ or C#
  • Experience on either Microsoft Windows or Unix/Linux

Course format

  • Duration of the course can be 4 hours frontal lecture
  • It can be extended by 4 more hours hands-on exercises to fill a day
  • There is also a short 1 hour lecture version



  • History, how to install Perl, how to run scripts
  • Syntax of the language
  • Basic I/O
  • Scalar values and variables (numbers and strings)
  • Control flow
  • Lists and arrays (context)
  • Hash (associative arrays)
  • Functions, subroutines
  • Accessing files
  • Interaction with the file system
  • Error handling
  • Regular Expressions
  • Using references
  • Using modules
  • Using OOP style
  • Installing modules on UNIX/Linux and on Windows systems
  • Database access, cleaning up old records from the database
  • Generating reports on daily activity
  • Sending e-mail reports
  • Converting Excel or CSV files to database rows and vice verse
  • Converting Excel files to XML and vice verse
  • Cleaning up temporary files
  • Backup of database and the file system used by the application


If you are interested in this course, contact Gabor Szabo for more details.