This posts is here only to collect some of the notes I have about Datadog. With time it might become a more comprehensive post.


Create an account and install the agent on one of your servers. It will immediately start sending generic system-related metrics. eg. cPU load, memory usage, disk IO, Network etc. It will also start sending metrics about itself.

Datadog command line tools

It is written in Python so you install it with the following command:

pip install datadog

Get the API key and Application key from your account settings. You can then save them in ~/.dogrc but when you run dog on the command line it will ask for the values and save them in the config file for you.


Submit an event from the command line

dog event post "Command line title" "command line text"

Then see it on your event stream.

Post some metric

dog metric post foobar.test 1
dog metric post foobar.test 2