During this meeting Ferenc Erki, the lead developer of Rex is going to lead us setting up a system using several different Linux distributions and handling the differences.

We will also attempt to set up a full ELK stack.

We will start where we left of las time when FErki gave us an introduction to Rex

It is scheduled for April 25: 14:00 Israel

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Most of this will be probably delayed to a future meeting:

  • Download the rpm file of ElasticSearch and install on a CentOS based box.
  • Configure the /etc/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml file
  • Make sure we can access it locally with curl
  • Install Kibana on another machine
  • Configure ElastiSearch and Kibana so Kibana can access ElasticSearch
  • Configure Nginx on the Kibana machine as a reverse proxy and add Basic Authentication.
  • Install Metricbeat on all the machines and make them send the data to the ElasticSearch
  • Add different tags to the instances.
  • Install our log generator application on one of the boxes.
  • Install Logstash on one of the boxes
  • Install Filebeat on the box with the log generator application
  • Configure filebeat to process the logfile and send it to the Logstash
  • Configure Logstash to accept the data from filebeat and send it to ElasTicsearch