When visiting GitHub it has a link to list Pull requests. By default it uses the is:open is:pr author:szabgab search terms which means it will show all the pull request I (user szabgab) have opened, that are still open. This is when the (default) Created button is pressed.

There are two other buttons: Assigned will changed the search terms to be is:open is:pr assignee:szabgab listing the open pull requests that were assigned to my user.

The third button is Mentioned which uses the search term is:open is:pr mentions:szabgab which means the pull requests where my username was mentioned as @szabgab.

I guess I am missing some knowledge about GiHub, because what I'd really like to know is all the pull request that are waiting for my action. In other words, every pull request that were sent to any of my repositories.

It can be listed, but I could not find a button for it.

Pull requests for my repositories

Pull requests for szabgab In this search I used the following terms: is:open is:pr user:szabgab. This lists all the open pull requests to any of the repositories owned by user szabgab.

Pull requests for all of my organizations

Because I also have a few "GitHub organizations", I also wanted to be able to list all the pull requests opened to any of these organizations:

Pull request for all of my organizations That's easy too. I just need to list all the organizations I am interested in is:open is:pr user:szabgab user:code-maven user:padreide user:perlmaven user:dwimperl.