This code is part of the counter example project. It is an impoved version of the Vanilla JavaScript counter I posted a while ago. This version was posted by Jon Randy as a reply to my post on


  <input id="counter" type="button" value="0">
  <input type="reset">

const form = document.forms[0]
const increment = () => console.log(++form.counter.value)
const reset = () => form.counter.value = 0

form.addEventListener('reset', reset)
form.counter.addEventListener('click', increment)


A few notes as I am trying to understand this example:

  • The value attribute of an input element of type="button" is the value shown by the browser on the button.
  • I am still not used to the fat-arrow notation of creating anonymous functions in JavaScript that are then assigned to a variable. () => code is a function definition.

It is indeed a very nice use of the various default capabilities of HTML and JavaScript.