This page was created in 2019, long before COVID. Things have changed a lot since then. For one I don't organize events so I have not checked if anything is still relevant in this list.

If you are an event organizer with a new group it might be tricky to find a good place for your gathering, but even if you already have a large group with a long history you might be interested to find alternative places to hold your events. It can broaden the membership and can make your group more accessible to pepple living and working in other areas of the country.

On this page you'll find some of the best venues where you can organize your events. The majority seem to be in the center of the country, especially in Tel Aviv, but I included information about other cities as well.

The questions

Throught this post I am trying to answer the following questions about each place:

  • Name of the place. Obviously.
  • Location (address).
  • The available spaces. (number of people, types of events: presentations only, hands-on events as well, or just round-table chats?)
  • How to get a time-slot to organize an event? (The process of registration)
  • What kind of events and content are they interested in?
  • At what time can event be organized?

Tel Aviv

Google for Startups - Tel Aviv

Google for Startups (was Google Campus) is located in HaUmanim 12, Tel Aviv, near the Azrieli towers. A very central location in Tel Aviv easily accessible with public transportation. On the other hand arriving by car can be tricky.

There are 3 options to host events:

The Event Space (142 people) good for presentations.

The Classroom (24 people) good for presentations and hands-on workshops.

The Cafe (60 people) good for hands-on workshops, hackathons.

They are open Sunday-Thursday 6:00-23:00 and you can schedule events during the day as well.

There is an on-line registration form to apply where you can see the available time-slots. Soon after you submit your request to hold an event they send you their approval or they might ask for clarification.

They are usually open to any type of technical event.

They also have their own calendar of events and promote your event to their members.

Floor 28 Amazon AWS - Tel Aviv

AWS Floor28 is also located walking distance from the Azrieli shopping mall in 121 Menachem Begin, Tel Aviv. Not surprisingly they are on the 28th floor of the Azrieli Sarona tower.

Microsoft Reactor - Tel Aviv

The Microsoft Reactor is located in Dubnov 7, Tel Aviv.

It is open 9:00-18:00 Sunday-Thursday though events can last till 21:30 as well.

The event space can be used as a Classroom for max 120 people or as a theater for max 170 people.

There is also a kitchen area with some free refreshments:

They have their own event-calendar on the web site of the Reactor where you can check availability of the space and they have an on-line form to request the space.

Wix - Tel Aviv

Wix itself has a number of Meetup groups, the biggets one being the At Wix. In addition they host events of a number of other groups.

Wix hosts events in Bitan 26, Namal Tel Aviv, but they also have places in Beer Sheva and Haifa.

DoiT International - Tel Aviv

DoiT International (Israel)

Located at David Elazar 12, Tel Aviv-Yafo.

ironSource - Tel Aviv

ironSource Located at Azrieli Sarona, 121 Derech Menachem Begin, Tel Aviv-Yafo

They have an auditorium that seats 150 people on couches, chairs and steps. It's a great set-up for a presentation.

They are interested in all kinds of tech, creative and content meet-ups.

Thers is no calendar of events and you can't check the availability of their space on-line, but if you'd like to organize an event there, you can send an email to adding as many details of your event as possible, and they will get back to you soon.

The auditorium:

The auditorium packed with people:

The terrace:

RedisLabs - Tel Aviv


Located in Igal Alon 94 Alon 2 Tower 32nd Floor, Tel-Aviv. It seems they are only interested in events related to Redis.

Tikal - Tel Aviv

Tikal has it office in Kiryat Atidim, Building 7, 3rd Floor. Tel Aviv.


There are a number of Meetup groups in Haifa. One of them, the Haifa Tech Talks had event in many different locations so if you'd like to organize an event in Haifa it might be a good idea to contact them and cooperate with them.

hiCenter - Haifa

hiCenter at 32 Sderot Hameginim, Haifa 3326226, Israel had a number of events. The have their of hiCenter Meetup group

IBM research labs - Haifa

IBM research labs Haifa Haifa Cloud held their events there.

Wix - Haifa

Wix at Derech HaAtzmaut 45, Haifa.


It seems in Jerusalem there are only very few Meetup groups and every time they meet at a different venue. If you'd like to find a venue there, it is probably best to talk to the organizers of one of the few existing groups.

The biggest ones are Made in JLM- Jerusalem Tech & Start-Up Community has over 3,000 members, JerusML - Machine and Deep Learning in the Holy City has 1,600 members.

Search for more groups in Jerusalem.

Beer Sheva

Wix - Beer Sheva

Wix has an office in Torat HaYahasut 11, Beer Sheva where they organize events. See the Tel Aviv listing above.

In addition you can find groups in Beer Sheva.


AppsFlyer hosts events at its HQ at Maskit 14 Floor 6, Herzliya.

They have a Meetup group of their own.