Wikipedia is great, especially if you speak one of the major languages.

Unfortunately there are many people who cannot read these major languages, and even if they can, it is much easer to understand thing in their own mother tongue.

On the other hand there are many articles on Wikipedia that are available in one of the "smaller" languages, but not in English. I belive making these available in English as well would be important.

I have a number of projects in mind trying to help people who would like to contribute to Wikipedia locate areas with some "low hanging fruits". The first such project is locating all the articles that are available in one language, but apparently not available in English.

The way to identify them is to look for articles that have no link to their English counterpart. These articles might be just missing the link, or there might be no English version of the page.

If you'd like to help check out the articles.

If you can locate the English version of the article then click on the "Interwiki link editor" on the side of the non-English article and add a link to the Engish version. Then go to the English article and add a link in the other direction as well. I am not sure, but I think the rest of the Interwiki links will be added automatically by a bot within a few days.

If there is no English counterpart for the article then start translating!

Source code

The pages are generated by this code. In the languages.json we have the list of languages and also the list of pages to be skipped. These are pages that are probbaly not interesting to anyone except the speakers of that language.



The languages I have processed so far: