DevOps is a big field covering many topics with lots of products and services supporting it.

I've tried to put them in categories, but some of the tools could have been placed in more than one category as they try to provide a solution to several topics.

Operating System

Version Control Systems - Source Control Management

Testing Tools and plugins

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration Systems.

Configuration Management

Configuration Management Tools.

Product Management

Customer Service Desk

Scheduling and Incident management


Security Auditing


Log Management

Cloud Hosting

Serverless Architectures

Virtualization - Containers


  • Terraform - Write, Plan, and Create Infrastructure as Code
  • Packer - Build Automated Machine Images
  • Consul - Service Mesh Made Easy

Inspired by the DevOps Ecosystem by Erik Rogneby.

More from 7 CI/CD tools for sysadmins by Dan Barker