I have heard about this language called Raku and thought of giving it a try. Searching for "raku programming language" brought me a Wikipedia page and then the above link. Then something about Perl 6.

Install from source

Clicking the big Download Rakudo button there are instructions on how to install Rakudo Star from source on Linux. So I did that using version 2019.03. Or at least I started but got this error on my Ubuntu:

/usr/bin/perl tools/build/gen-cat.pl moar src/QRegex/P5Regex/Grammar.nqp src/QRegex/P5Regex/Actions.nqp src/QRegex/P5Regex/Compiler.nqp  > gen/moar/stage2/NQPP5QRegex.nqp
./nqp-m --target=mbc --output=NQPP5QRegex.moarvm \
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
make: *** [Makefile:420: NQPP5QRegex.moarvm] Error 139
Command failed (status 512): make
Command failed (status 512): /usr/bin/perl Configure.pl --prefix=/home/gabor/rakudo --backends=moar --make-install

There is also a link to "Installing from binaries" on various operating systems.

sudo apt-get install rakudo

Installs the perl6 command. I would have not been able to guess this if I did not have some background in the subject.

What version is that?

perl6 -v
This is Rakudo version 2018.12 built on MoarVM version 2018.12
implementing Perl 6.d.

Sounds pretty old.


Then I went back to the main page of Raku to look for some tutorial that would tell me how to write a "Hello World" script. There was no link to a "Tutorial". There was a link to "Documentation", but that looks too complex to me. There is also a "Getting started" hidden at the bottom of the page. It has some promision links, for example to the Raku guide.

For example I'd like to know what is the expected extension for a Raku program.

So here is my Hello World:

Hello World

I've created a file called hello_world.raku:


use v6;

say "Hello World";

"Hello Raku".say;

Then ran it as:

perl6 hello_world.raku


I plan to re-visit Raku once in a while, also updating this page.


Yes, I know that Raku is the new name of Perl 6, I have been in the neighbourhood for a long time. Now I try to look at it with fresh eyes. As much as I can. Hoping that it helps both the developers of Raku and the potential users.