Hello and welcome to the Code-Maven Docker course. My name is Gabor Szabo. This is the first video that you'll see and this is an administrative video. Later we'll get into the actual content of the Docker course.

Now what you are seeing is the opening page with a couple of links and these links are important.

The first link you can see here leads to the slides that we are going to utilize during the course.

I am going to click on this now so you can see. The link will be under the video as well so you'll be able to find it easily, but I wanted to show you how it looks like.

So these are the slides which are on my web-site and these slides are available for everyone and will be available all the time. One of the things that you can do on these slides is press the question mark (?) that you can see at the top, so I pressed the question mark and you can see all kinds of buttons for navigation.

I am going to go ahead a little bit here because one of the most important thing that you might want to click on is the h key which you can also see here at the bottom. So the h button will open some extra text here.

In many slides, but not all of them, but in many slides there will be extra text and this text is going to grow during the recording of the video course and therefore it will be there afterwards as well. So you'll be able to read this extra text and then it will be able to help you even beyond the videos. So that's part of the slides.

Then another thing is that in these slides you'll see a lot of examples. Each one of them is a file. Many of them will be files. You'll see the names of the files somewhere in the slide and instead of copy-pasting from the slide that might be less comfortable in many cases, I made it available.

So the link at the bottom (of the main page) you can see a link to the source of slides on GitHub.com. So all the slides and all the examples from all the courses I have are available in this repository and you can download by either just regularly cloning it: You click on this link and then clone it:

git clone https://github.com/szabgab/slides.git

If you are familiar with git and know how to do it.

Or, if you are not familiar with git, then you can also click on the big green button called Clone or download and download it as a zip file.

This way you'll get the most recent version of everything, but it will be a little bit harder to update things because you'll have to come here and download it again and again, but you don't need to clone it.

So that's it.

Inside you'll see the material of all of my courses, specifically the docker is the one you are going to look at at this time.

So that's it basically at the beginning. Then you'll see various videos feel free to jump around and see if some part you already know then jump ahead if you feel that you are looking for something specific then look at that video and then come back later as you prefer.

Good luck with this training course.