Hello! In this episode ofthe Docker course of Code-Maven we are going to check out the first command in Docker. Basically to see the version number and some information about Docker.

Normally, as usual the slides are here and we can get to the slide about Docker version where you can copy-paste the commands from.

At this time I am going also to show you on my command line.

docker --version

So here you can see that if you type in docker --version in your terminal then you are supposed to get the output of Docker:

Docker version 20.10.14, build a224086

In Windows you would probably open the CMD so you click on the "Windows" key and then you type in cmd and press ENTER. That's how you get into the Windows terminal (Command Prompt).

On Linux you open a terminal.

On Mac you also open a terminal.

Just as I have it in the video.

In there you can type docker --version.

If you type in correctly, and sometime I do, then you get to see the current version number of Docker and that indicates that Docker is available to you on the system now.

So that's one thing that you can do.

docker version

Then you can get some more information by typing in docker version without the dashes.

In the previous command we had two dashes, this time we don't have dashes. This will show the details of the curently installed Docker. This shows all kinds of information about the operating systema and so on.

docker info

The last one to show is docker info. It will show a lot more information about the machine that hopefull you will not need any time soon.