Welcome back to the Code-Maven Docker course.

This time we'll cover the question What is really Docker?.

A reminder the links to the slides and my name is Gabor Szabo.

I am jumping right to the current slide which is quite short. The question: What is Docker?.

Usually people who create a slide like this to talk about the subject, put an image of a container on it because they talk about containerization so Docker, ....

If you are familiar with Virtual Server then Docker is basically a light-weight Virtual Server (VirtualBox).

It is described as a container. It is something you can put into stuff, your software basically. You put in different pieces of your software, your libraries, your code and so on. In a different container you'd put your database. In a different container you'd put your web-server and so on.

And then you'd use together all these containers.

So basically it is, if you are familiar with VMware, it is a very light-weight version of it. The point of being lightweight is that you can put many of these on the same machine, many more than you would be able to run with Virtual Servers.

So basically that's it. It's not some kind of a magic. You'll see in the course how you can create these Docker containers and how can you use them eventually.