First exercise - checking your environment.

Try your environment:

  • Make sure you have access to the right version of your language. Pick the language you are currently learning from the below list:
    • Perl 5: As of this writing version 5.30 is already out, but most of the material will work on 5.10 and even 5.8, if you cannot upgrade. (See the most recent release of Perl 5.)
    • Raku (formerly known as Perl 6): See the most recent version of Raku (that was 2019.03 when I updated this).
    • Ruby: 2.5.x will be fine. Check out the most recent version of Ruby.
    • Python: In case you have Python 2 (e.g. 2.7.x) you should strongly consider switching to Python 3. Even though if you need to maintain legacy code then you might need to know Python 2 as well.
    • In the Python 3 series any of 3.8.x is the most recent, but most of the examples will work on older versions of Python 3 as well. See the most recent version of Python.
    • Go version go1.12.9 looks fine. The you could get the most recent version of Go.
  • Check you can read the documentation.
  • Check if you have a good editor with syntax highlighting.
  • Write a simple script that prints "Hello world!".
  • Add comments to your code.
  • Add user documentation to your code.