First exercise - checking your environment.

Try your environment:

  • Make sure you have access to the right version of your language.
    • Perl 5: As of this writing version 5.22 is already out, but most of the material will work on 5.10 and even 5.8, if you cannot upgrade.
    • Perl 6: Rakudo 2015.09 or newer
    • Ruby: 2.0.x will be fine, thought 2.2.x would be better.
    • Python: 2.7.x is a good series. 2.6.x will work with most of the examples. In the Python 3 series any of 3.4.x will work fine.
  • Check you can read the documentation.
  • Check if you have a good editor with syntax highlighting.
  • Write a simple script that prints "Hello world!".
  • Add comments to your code.
  • Add user documentation to your code.