TED is full of great talks about Technology, Entertainment, Design, and actually a lot more. I also love the fact that they have plenty of local events sometimes in the local language and that many of the talks have subtitles in a lot of languages.

This makes it even more likely that their ideas will spread.

So I thought I'd like to help it with my little knowledge of programming, but first let's write down a few ideas.

Recommended talks in other than English

If you register with TED, you can subscribe to their daily or weekly e-mail in which they suggest a talk. A couple of weeks ago I have subscribed to it and watch their videos, but as far as I could see these are usually relatively new talk with little or no subtitles.

It would be nice to have similar suggestion service in other languages as well. So for example a subscriber could register to receive only those talks that are either speaking in Hungarian or have Hungarian subtitles.

What to translate?

On the other edge of the language support, it would be nice if there was a list of talks recommended for translation for specific languages. As I can see TED uses Amara to handle all the translations. I am not sure if they have such recommendations.

List all the talks that have no subtitles in language X. Order by popularity of the talks. (Number of viewers or number of 'likes'. Show preference to talks that are already available in more than one language.


Probably the biggest obstacle to implementing these ideas is the lack of public API. They do have an API, but as of January 2016 they don't allow new registration to get an API key.

So if I would like to implement either of these I'll need to scrap the web pages of TED.