Install Groovy

There are plenty of ways you can download and install Groovy. As I am trying it on Mac OSX and as I already use Homebrew I just ran

brew install groovy

and it installed it for me.

The version of Groovy

Then I ran the following command to see which version o f Groovy do I have and on top of which version of the JVM it runs:

$ groovy -v

Groovy Version: 2.4.15 JVM: 1.8.0_60 Vendor: Oracle Corporation OS: Mac OS X

Hello World in Goovy

Unlike in Java there is not need for a lot of cermony. You can use the print function to print a string to the screen. You can include \n to embed a newline character. There is no need for semi-colon ; at the end of the statement.


print "Hello World!\n"

$ groovy hello_world.groovy

Alternatively you can use the println function that will automatically append a newline to the end of the output.


println "Hello World!"